Our New Programs

Inspiring an Active Mackay (I AM)  – Introductory Programs to Re-Engage Women in Activity and New Social Networks

Run – Hike – Standup Paddle – Yoga – Trail Running

To celebrate the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Approach Adventure will be working with Mackay Regional Council to deliver a series of low-cost, introductory activity programs aimed particularly at women and families in Mackay.

The Inspiring an Active Mackay (I AM) Program is delivered under the Queensland Government's Embracing 2018 Legacy Program for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and is funded by the Australian Government.

I AM is aimed at delivering beginner-level physical activities and skill development opportunities for women who are currently under-active or want to learn a new sport within the Mackay region.

The activities will be offered in a safe setting with a social-connection focus and provide women with the opportunity to participate in the activity, as well as engage in education around enhancing skills in the activity and working through barriers that may prevent women from remaining engaged in activities into the future. 

The program is based around spending time in the outdoors, developing skills that will enhance women’s capacity to participate in broader events across the Region and will focus on long term engagement in the activity beyond the program by offering links to existing structured activities and opportunities to continue on with the activity independently.  

Q – What format will the program take?

There will be two key components to the program, which includes a series of 101 sessions which take participants through a 4-week introductory activity-based course in understanding and developing skills and confidence in a physical activity area and linking participants with ongoing participation opportunities beyond the program.

The Activities will have the potential to feed participants into long term participation by linking to opportunities to participate in the activities in a structured, semi-structured or self-managed model.  They will also develop core skills for participation in local events such as Triathlons, Fun Runs, Adventure Races, Rides and other social and competitive based events.

Q – How do I register?

The various programs will be advertised online at www.approachadventure.com.au and registration is through the Eventbrite booking website.

Numbers of attendees will be capped for each activity so we recommend registering as soon as possible.

Participants will be required to commit to the full 3 or 4-week program for each sport that they register for.

Price: $20 for the full program (plus $2.20 booking fee) 

Q – Why Women?

This program will focus on women, due to the underrepresentation of females engaging in physical activity, as well as the key role that women have within the home, particularly around influencing healthy family choices.

Women often identify that barriers to exercise include difficulty prioritising due to competing responsibilities, confidence issues, fear, concerns around fitness and being injured. The I AM program aims to address some of these barriers and enable more women to begin to engage in activity.

Government priorities identify that women of all ages have lower participation rates in physical activity across Australia, with more than 2/3rds of women classified as being sedentary or having low levels of exercise.

Social Impact: The programs are aimed at introducing those who are looking to connect with new people or a new sport, or re-enter activity with some of the fabulous trainers, experiences and locations around the region.

The activities on offer are based around spending time in the outdoors, developing skills that will enhance capacity to participate in broader events across the Region and will focus on long term engagement in the activity.  

For more information or to book a program visit www.approachadventure.com.au/events