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Approach Adventure was founded by three Mackay women (Claire Christensen, Jarrah Steen and Karla Steen) who understand the importance of being active, but as working mums we have put our own health and exercise on the backburner .

Each one of us has our own personal reason for starting Approach Adventure…. whether it’s a serious illness, wanting to remain active as we age, a longing to return to the freedom-adventures of our younger days, to connect with others, have greater energy, or to inspire our children and family.

We are inspired by others who are making the time to take action and see how effective it is to be supported by other women when taking on a new challenge or returning to exercise after a long hiatus. This initiative was born out of many conversations with other women who had similar barriers to exercise and were looking for a place to re-enter physical activity.

We would love you to join us, to hear your stories and receive your suggestions or feedback so please contact us using the form below.

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